The Eritrean Coup That Never Was | By Simon Tesfamariam


east-africa-ERITREA-MapAt 6AM EST Monday, January 21st, 2013, many Eritreans around the world became the victims of rumors and anti-Eritrean propaganda that spread through both social media and print media. The rumor was that a coup was taking place in Eritrea. It was later shown to be false. This is not the first time that Eritreans have witnessed such ridiculous claims that have spread across the internet like wild fire and I doubt that this will be the last. The purpose of the text that follows below is to analyze how this rumor became started, understand the direct and indirect forces that spread and perpetuated it, and recognize future methods of preventing and mitigating the effects of similar propaganda against the state and people of Eritrea. Because many pictures are included below, I have chosen to use an outline format followed by more standard free form text in the conclusion.