[Press Release] Anti Peace Group Found Guilty


Gentlemen-of-Violence-450Press Release: Eritrean Community Cultural Civic Center Of Oakland CA

Reports of the outcome from the legal preceding against the anti-peace elements of the Bay area.

Oakland, January 31 2013: ECCCC of the Bay Area today announced the court’s finding of the three anti-peace elements who are leaders and members of an anti-peace group as guilty. The court found Solomon Assefaw, Fitsum A. Ghebreegziabher Aka Fitsum Arefaine and Bemnet Mesfen guilty of destroying private property of the Eritrean Community Cultural Civic Center of Oakland and ordered them to pay restitution to ECCCC for the damages they have caused and other court fees associated with the case.

The ECCCC had sued these anti-peace individuals in civil court. On a quiet early morning night, these individuals had destroyed the property of ECCCC without any regards to the rule of law and respect to private property. They were caught on security camera of ECCCC committing this crime. Faced with this compelling evidence, they had the audacity to lie in court while under oath. But in the end they could not escape justice.