Preparations underway to mark 23rd commemoration of Operation Fenkil


massawaMassawa, 6 February 2013 – Reports indicated that extensive preparations are being made to mark the 23rd commemoration of Operation Fenkil from 8 to 10 February. Cultural shows, seminars, sports activities and artistic programs would be conducted during the celebration, besides community-based festivities.

Accordingly, more than 11 sub-committees are engaged in organizing the momentous event in collaboration with the residents of the port city of Massawa.

Among the city residents, Mr. Ejel Osman, Ms. Fatina Mohammed-Ali and Ms. Haregu Woldai explained that they have been carrying out environmental hygiene campaigns and making all-round arrangements for the commemoration participants. Moreover, Ms. Rigbe Tsegai and Ms. Almaz Abraha said that such an occasion is a good opportunity for bequeathing national values to the young generation.

The residents of the port city indicated that the commemoration of Operation Fenkil is an occasion during which nationals should reiterate their commitment to the nation building process, and asserted that they would do their level best to make the historic event vibrant.