Hooligans Trying to Disturb the Peace, stormed into the Eritrean Embassy office


Today 24th of January in the early hours of this morning, a 16-man mob, led by ring leaders, Emanuel Eyasu, Selam Kidane & Bereket Kahsay, stormed into the Eritrean Embassy office. Like every society, Eritrean society is not immune from hooligans organised by known Anti-Eritrean elements doing such a blatant criminal deeds. Most of these 16 membered mob looks more confused with little or no Eritrean value whatsoever. Some are jobless while others are criminals known by the police in this country itself. Two of them are already confirmed to be of Tigrayan origin. Unlike other embassies with high-tech securities, Eritrean Embassy has always been known to be relatively open to the public and these traitors exploited this opportunity to push their way through the door to deliberately enter just to cause havoc and mayhem.


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