Eritrean community members in Heppenheim city Germany, extend material support to the ENWVA


Eritrean-War-disabled_Veterans450Asmara, 6 February 2013 – Eritrean community members residing in the German city of Heppenheim have extended bicycles and wheelchairs to the Eritrean National War-disabled Veterans Association (ENWVA). Reports indicated that the role of the Association’s branch in the city was praiseworthy in the process vis-à-vis that of the branch offices of the NUEW and NUEYS.
The ENWVA indicated that the support would have a remarkable impact in improving the livelihood of its members.

Representing the nationals who extended the support, Ms. Helen Fitwi explained that the process had merits in that it drew the attention of a number of German friends. She also said that that assisting disabled combatants involves moral satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the Association’s branch in Stuttgart city has raised around 10,000 Euros with a view to extending medical supplies to members in the Homeland, reports added. It is to be recalled that ENWVA members in Stuttgart city had played vital role in making available a computer training center in Gash-Barka region, besides the fact that it rehabilitated female Association members in the Central region in apicultural activities.