Editorial Mekete Media: Reports of Coup, Arrest and Death of Eritrean President


good-bad-habits300Rumours, Gossips and Speculations with regards to ‘coup in Asmara, Eritrea’ are splashed today in the websites of some news organisation across the internet.

The situation, today Monday the 21st 2013, in Asmara and all over Eritrea is no different from any other day. It has been peaceful and business as usual and there is no sign of mutiny, coup d’etat or any kind of uprising.

There was a small incident that has occurred in the offices of the Eritrean Television that was resolved peacefully. The details of the incident will be clear in the coming days, but there was no force involved in the incident. The Eritrean Television staff members have reassured their offices is peaceful.

However, a few western individuals such as Martin Plaut, Dan Connel and others like them who have been attempting to destabilise the Eritrean government for a long time are fuelling a virtual coup d’etat in the internet to create confusion amongst Eritreans in the vain attempt to kick-start a real Coup d’etat.

The western media journalist Martin Plaut who works for the BBC as director for Africa has been tweeting furiously all day about an imaginary Coup d’etat in Eritrea even claiming that the Eritrean President is under arrest.

Dan Connell, a man who has developed an insatiable craving to see the unseating of President Isaias Afwerki at any cost wrote an article today and could not hide his real intentions of stopping the mining industry in Eritrea. He could not even pretend to appear to care about Eritrea or Eritreans.

Reports from AFP about the imagined coup has managed to link the story with the share prices of the main mining company with clear intention to affect negatively the share price and frighten any potential investment on the booming industry of Eritrea.

These same discredited sources of information have been claiming the President of Eritrea was dead of illness in order to divert attention from the fatal illness and eventual death Meles Zenawi only 5 months back in 2012.

Not satisfied with the lie, deceit and destruction caused by their reports on the imagined death of Eritrea’s President few months back; they are now back with even more imagined coup d’etat of a President who was supposed to be dead by their own accounts.

It is very clear this virtual coup d’etat is designed out of frustration by the detractors and destabilisers of Eritrean government who had recently started a major investment drive for its citizens in all aspects of the economic sectors.

Eritrea had the highest rise of Economic Development in 2011 and this trend was continuing in the next few years fuelled by the heavy investment made in the country’s infrastructure over the last decade.

Victory to the masses

Mekete Media Committee