Action is required against the evil movements!


Dear Deki Eri,

eri-map-flag280Allow me to recapitulate the points we have been making in regard to the current movements. Many of us have been shocked to observe such UN-Eritrean behaviour.

Every one of us was baffled by the recent events including the spread of bad news, breaking into Eritrean embassies and so on.

It left us with many lingering questions. Are these people really Eritreans? Is this an Eritrean movement? Is it really perpetuated by Eritreans? I am sure many more questions are arising in the mind of THE CAN DO PEOPLE and Eritrean well-wishers.

Having seen their actions and messages, it actually simplified the answer to several questions raised by many concerned Eritreans. It can only be a movement architected by the Eritrean ill-wishers in the name of Eritreans. Unfortunately, there is always impurity in any society or physical being. Our ill-wishers are using these impurities to reverse Eritreans’ freedom as they did during our struggle for independence.

The stooges do not realize their ill thought actions are orchestrated to bring down THE CAN DO PEOPLE, disintegrate the Eritrean society, kill the leadership and eventually reverse the Eritrean freedom and independence. The stooges are regurgitating the same pretext used to bring Eritrea under the colony of Ethiopia.

How come someone who claims to be an Eritrean asks the very same question used as a reason to erase Eritrea from the map of the world? What do they mean by that? What is the difference between Eritrea and the rest of African countries or the world? Have they already forgotten we are THE CAN DO PEOPLE who won our independence against all the odds and created the most stable country in Africa? Can the stooges identify a single African country that has shown a sustainable development and has faced the same adversaries or obstacles as Eritrea did in the last century? The stooges have a lot to learn from history and answer many more questions.

Honestly, I feel sad for them as they are carrying a brain with no capacity to view beyond the horizon. They are just reactionaries with limited knowledge and skill that cannot think from any different angle.

Nonetheless, the stooges have trespassed the boundaries we cannot all ignore. They are becoming part of the conspiracy aiming to wipe out the very existence of Eritrea and its people. As Eritrean communities, we have to hold these individuals and their sponsors accountable for their criminal activities. We have to mobiles against these evil movements and defend our people. Some of us might think we should not waste our energy and time against these perpetrators. But the danger is their sponsors have the power and resources to turn these criminals into something they are not.

If we do not do something now, it might be too late tomorrow. They have to realize they are barking at the wrong people.
It is time we mobilise and educate ourselves against the conspiracy aimed at our own people. The architects working for the destruction of Eritrea are panicking to see Eritrea’s economy taking another leap. They will take desperate measures to slow or stop our progress completely.

Ultimately starve THE CAN DO PEOPLE to their death and bury them for good.

We should learn from other counties such as Britain how they handled during and after the London riot. Every single person involved in the riot has paid the consequence and many contained behind bars aftermath. The British parliament was even contemplating to pass shoot-to-kill policy had the riot continue or if such riot happens in the future.

I congratulate the Eritrean Community residing in Oakland for taking the necessary legal actions. It is about time the rest of the Eritrean Communities across the world take similar actions against these criminals.

Awet N Hafash!!!

Samuel T. Ghebreab